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The ECCP, in partnership with, Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Development, invites you to attend a 90-min webinar to assist entrepreneurs and key decision leaders in preparing a rehabilitation and recovery plan in the context of adversity and of the new economy. The session calls on and challenges entrepreneurs to employ the right leadership style given their current circumstances. It reiterates the importance of unaffected and unclouded mind that is the last bastion of defense in chaotic times. This ensures that courage, strength and mastering one's wisdom are exercised in making business decisions.

The session's resource speaker, Dr. Eduardo A. Morato Jr., with his wealth of experience in coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs will guide the audience in preparing an adversity plan for their enterprise. Specifically, zeroing in on the importance of futuristic thinking, scenario building and risk mitigation. Likewise, Dr. Morato will share the importance of focusing on things within one's control, taking ownership and accountability versus effectively dividing the work to individuals and teams with the business in. The message is for every entrepreneur not to be fearful. But instead, leaning on the hope that they are not in this alone.

For registration inquiries, email joanne.natimdim@eccp.com

How to access the webinar: In a separate email, you will receive the link sent via ZOOM/ECCP.


  • Dr. Eduardo A. Morato, Jr. (Chairman & President at Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Development)

    Dr. Eduardo A. Morato, Jr.

    Chairman & President at Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Development

    Dr. Eduardo A. Morató, Jr. has, thus far, written 50 books including six in the field of education. Other topics include Strategic Planning, Development Management, Self-Mastery, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Finance, Marketing and the Arts. These books have been the mainstay materials in his 44 full-time and part-time years in the academe.

    Dr. Morató has advocated the Whole Brain Learning System in all his endeavors. This system focuses on the seven Self Mastery skills of Learning to Think, Learning to Intuit, Learning to Feel, Learning to Communicate, Learning to Do, Learning to Lead and Learning to Be.

    At present, Dr. Morató is the chairman and president of Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Development, Inc., and the Bayan Enterprise Developers, Growers and Evolvers. He is also the chairman of ACE Center for Entrepreneurship and Management Education and of the Social Economy Action Research Foundation. These organizations are dedicated to the upliftment of the Filipino people through training and education, consultancy, action research and community development programs.

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  • Francisco

    Francisco "Jay" Bernardo III

    Professor and Director, ACEME of Ateneo Graduate School of Business

    Mr. Bernardo is the founder/director and professor of ACE Center for Entrepreneurship & Management Education, Inc. (ACEME) where he teaches and develops programs and courses and he has been a guru and sought-after consultant of budding and existing entrepreneurs. Additionally, Prof. Bernardo also founded the LET'S GO (Leading Entrepreneurs Towards Seizing Global Opportunities) Foundation, that aims to support small and medium scale entrepreneurs with the end view of pushing entrepreneurship to uplift the Philippine economy.

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