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Applied Neuroscience for Focus and Creativity at Work is a half-day program that equips individuals with the latest science research on how to interpret the brain signals of your 'hardware', and the skills and tools to rewire the brain for deeper focus and creativity at work.

There have been significant scientific advances in recent years in the understanding of how the brain handles attention, focus, concentration, learning, multitasking and creativity. With correct interpretation of brain signals, participants understand new ways to take effective action to become an optimal performer in their professions.

This "Focus & Creativity" seminar is the first of four modules, which form part of "Applied Neuroscience for the Workplace" program can be taken independently or together with other selected modules of the program. Each module has been purposely designed to be able to break down complex scientific concepts into simple digestible practical advice.


At the end of the session, the participants will know:

  • How to correctly interpret brain signals we experience, to take more empowering action.
  • How to rewire the brain for improved Attention, Focus, Multitasking and faster Learning.
  • How to boost Creativity & Innovation and experience the Flow State.
  • What Nutrition improves focus and how to improve Sleep quality.

Who should attend this Module?

  • Regular Employees and Supervisors interested in performing better at work.
  • Professionals getting ready to progress and take on more in their careers.
  • Leaders in Businesses who are looking for new ways to have teams operate at their best.
  • Those looking to keep up to date with the exciting new developments in the field.

Module Topics:

Fundamentals of Neuroscience

  • Basic understanding of the Brain, Neural Connections & Neurotransmitters.
  • Neuroplasticity: how to rewire the brain and build new habits.
  • Brainwaves and the different mental states of Alertness, Creativity and Sleep.

Applied Neuroscience: Tools for Improving Focus & Creativity @ Work

  • Brain Entrainment, and improving Attention and Focus.
  • Building long range brain connections to boost Creativity & Innovation.
  • Sleep Neuroscience: Learning during sleep; techniques to optimise sleep quality.
  • Nutrition Neuroscience: Eating for better mental performance.

Methodology: The attendees will be participating in real time Q&A, quiz and breakout sessions.

Moreover, here are the upcoming Applied Neuroscience for the Workplace programs and schedules.

September 26, 2024 - Motivation & the Dopamine Cycle

November 20, 2024 - Nutrition & Sleep

December 9, 2024 - Stress & Anxiety

Avail of special discounts by attending two or all modules! Attendees who will join all four modules can get 10% discount, while those who will join in two or three modules can join 5% discount. To claim the discount codes, please reach out to us via email.

Contact Information

You may direct your registration inquiries to Ms. Kamyr Catapang-Abbagu at kamyr.catapang@eccp.com Participants will be able to receive their unique links sent via ZOOM/ECCP prior to the start of the session.

This training is available for in-house or exclusive runs. To request for a formal proposal, please email trainings@eccp.com

Aug 16, 2024

13:00 - 16:00 GMT+8

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  • Nigel Gordon Kissaun (Management Consultant & Executive Coach at Accelerate 2 Excellence)

    Nigel Gordon Kissaun

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