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The practice of anticipating and preparing for any future obstacles and changes in order to mitigate their effects and guarantee long-term success is known as "future-proofing." This entails thinking about possible dangers and future trends, as well as creating plans and remedies to lessen them.

This program can be very beneficial for businesses and individuals who seek financial and asset security, as well as creating generational guarantees.

By the end of the program, the participants will be able to utilize best practices in future-proofing and create action steps for their respective plans and priorities.

I. Introductions and Centering Activity

II. Awareness of personal financial habits

III. How much should you save for retirement

IV. Active vs passive income

V. Creating an investment portfolio

VI. Financial planning process


VIII. Action Planning

May 29, 2024

8:30 AM - 12:00 PM GMT+8

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