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Empowering MSMEs through Design Thinking involves leveraging this problem-solving and innovative methodology to address challenges and enhance business processes. Design Thinking is a human-centered approach that encourages creativity, collaboration, and empathy. In summary, Design Thinking can be a powerful tool for MSMEs to innovate, enhance customer satisfaction, streamline processes, and remain competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape. By placing the needs of customers and end-users at the center of their strategies, MSMEs can create sustainable and impactful solutions.

Learning Objective

Empower MSMEs with practical Design Thinking tools to foster innovation, problem-solving, and business growth.


1. Introduction (15 mins)

- Welcome and Icebreaker: Set a positive and engaging tone.

- Overview of Design Thinking: Brief explanation and its relevance for MSMEs.

2. Understanding MSME Challenges (30 mins)

- Interactive Polls: Collect real-time data on participants' challenges.

- Group Discussions: Breakout rooms for participants to share experiences.

3. Design Thinking Fundamentals (45 mins)

- Guided Presentation: Core principles and stages of Design Thinking.

- Case Study: Analyze a successful MSME case using Design Thinking.

4. Ideation Session (60 mins)

- Virtual Whiteboard: Collaborative brainstorming on specific MSME challenges.

- Mentimeter or Polls: Vote on the most promising ideas.

5. Prototyping and Storyboarding (45 mins)

- Hands-on Activity: Create a simple prototype using available online tools.

- Storyboard Presentation: Participants showcase their solutions.

6. User Testing Simulation (30 mins)

- Breakout Groups: Simulate user testing scenarios for peer feedback.

- Q&A: Address common challenges and concerns.

7. Integrating Design Thinking into MSMEs (30 mins)

- Group Discussion: Strategies for implementing Design Thinking in daily operations.

- Resource Sharing: Provide a list of tools and resources.

8. Reflection and Action Planning (15 mins)

- Individual Reflection: Participants jot down key takeaways.

- Action Planning: Set concrete steps to apply Design Thinking in their businesses.

9. Closing and Networking (15 mins)

- Recap and Virtual Networking: Summarize key learnings and express gratitude. Optional time for participants to connect.


  • Zoom Breakout Rooms
  • Miro or MURAL for virtual whiteboarding
  • Mentimeter or Slido for interactive polls
  • Collaboration Tools: Google Docs for prototyping


The workshop will consist of lectures, exercises, and application back on the job.

Contact Information

To register, please email Joanne Natindim-Turtoga at

Please expect to receive ZOOM links on a separate email before the session schedule.

This e-learning session is available for in-house training for a tailored-fit program designed for your organization alone. Email for inquiries.

Apr 29, 2024

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM GMT+8

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    Luzmar Gabor

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